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2 Bekijken

3 Transgender

3.1 John Money

Psycholoog uit Nieuw Zeeland, 50-er jaren en verder. Bedenker van term gender identiteit.
Zeer controversieel wegens zijn opgedrongen geslachtsveranderingsoperaties en seksueel getinte experimenten met kinderen.

Hij heeft de verschillende criteria voor geslacht opgesteld:

  • Chromosomal
  • Anatomical
  • Genital
  • Legal
  • Hormonal
  • Psychosocial

De grap is dat de laatste vijf ook kunnen gelden voor transgenders. En de eerste is ook niet eenduidig, er kunnen vele variaties bestaan in chromosomen (bijv. XX mannen, XXY).

3.3 Transphobe Argument


It's a shame that you think in boxes because you say there is a difference between being male and female. .. Why do you want to transition? Your body is enough and you mind is valid regardless of which body you have. … YOU are close minded when you say there IS a difference between men and women.


(Overal nadruk op 'ideal/perfect society', wordt niet in stelling vermeld)

  • Assuming perfect m/f equality, you'd still feel dysphoric. It's biological and personal, not social.
  • Ideal world does not exist; personal desires are incongruous with some ideal society than does not exist.
  • closed minded - lacking empathy, refusing to accept the existence of something outside of personal experience.
  • Classic TERF rhetoric. "Ask her how she would feel if a white dude told a Black person how they should stop complaining about racism because racism is wrong".
  • Cissexism, thinking cis people's gender is in some way more legitimate or "real" than trans people's
  • Equal in value as a human being is not the same as same individuals (in this case, biology different). A perfect society contains many different people who all treat each other equally. No homogenization, no erasure of differences "Equal" is not the same as "interchangeable". Ask her why she doesn't live full time as a man to get paid more.
  • if there's no difference between being a man or a woman, shouldn't she be telling EVERYONE to stop doing gender? And if she's not, it's because she thinks there's something wrong with your gender, specifically. If your body doesn't matter then…why would it matter if you changed it?
  • Tattoo analogy: 'I support people who get tattoos, but why do you want one in the first place?

Because I don't have a desire to get a tattoo myself'. 'doing ANYTHING to your body is placing yourself in a box'.

  • If you truly believed in equality, you’d believe that anyone should be able to take whatever steps they want to be more comfortable in their own body, regardless of their gender.
  • View it as a mental disability that requires therapy and medical assistance. Saying “you should just accept yourself” is akin to telling a person who suffers from severe depression to “just try be happy”.

3.4 Oppositional Sexism

Het idee dat de binaire geslachten strikt, onveranderlijk zijn en 'mutually exclusive'. Geslachten hebben elk hun onveranderlijke kenmerken die inherent zijn en niets te maken hebben met cultuur. Als je een bepaald kenmerk hebt, dan kan je er niets aan doen want je bent nou eenmaal man/vrouw.

Central claim: "The gender binary is natural and natural is good" (Lily Alexander)

Middel om de Patriarchie in stand te houden. Er volgt uit dat vrouwen minderwaardig zijn en de mannen dienen (traditional sexism).

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